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What do you get when you press words?

Wordjuice is a company that has focused exclusively on developing advanced online marketing websites and online applications using the popular WORDPRESS content management system. So, the answer to what you get when you press words is … word juice, of course. We squeeze the very best out of your wordpress installation.

Our premiere application is the Wordjuice Food Ordering Platform. Originally designed to help parents order school lunches for students, it has been expanded for use in any commercial kitchen, restaurant, catering company, camp, or not-for-profit organization.

We also are experts at every use of WordPress from personal blogs, to Fortune 500 websites.

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it's as easy as 1...2...3!

Step 1: Customers select, order and pay for your food online.
Step 2: Orders are fullfilled and packaged for delivery or pickup.
Step 3: Freshly prepared meals are enjoyed by your customers.